Possible Themes

First of all, thank you all for coming to the GNCTR 2010 first General Meeting! It was great to get to meet you all, and also to see some familiar faces. For those who weren’t there, we hope to hear from you soon and see you next week.

Regarding next week, we have an important decision to make: what theme are we going to have? Yesterday we found the two finalists:

  • Batman and Boggan
  • Night of the living sled

We have a week to decide which theme will prevail. Until then, lets make our arguments for and against the themes be heard!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


8 thoughts on “Possible Themes

      • Dear Allison…

        OPEN YOUR EYES! Batman and Boggan is WAY better. Batman and Boggan feels good. Batman and Boggan is sexy. Zombies… not so much. Think about it!!!!

  1. I have thought about it. Extensively. I’ve lost sleep over it G. LOST SLEEP. Living Dead is the only way. Braaaaaaaaaaains……..

  2. Umm yeah??? Who would be hesitant in bringing shotguns to an engineering competition? I don’t see any problems there.

    Can the zombie costumes be spandex?

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