Submit your logo!

We need a logo for GNCTR 2010! Send yours this way by next Thursday (October 1) and we’ll post it up here for the team to vote on.

Also, watch the video below of our fellow proud Calgarian Zombies.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So far… this are the proposed logos!

Logo 1

GNCTR Logo – Proposal #1

Author: Jill Saunders


GNCTR Logo – Proposal #2

Author: Taylor Brown (?)

Logo Submission #3- Shahir Mishriki

GNCTR Logo – Proposal #3

Author: Shahir Mishriki


GNCTR Logo – Proposal #4

Submission #5- Matthew Rodrigue

GNCTR Logo – Proposal #5

Author: Matthew Rodrigue

Skull Logo

GNCTR Logo – Proposal #6

Author: Danuta Wojtowicz


12 thoughts on “Submit your logo!

  1. I agree with Laura that logo #1 is probabley the most useable for things like stickers and buttons… and on a flask for that matter…
    But it doesn’t look quite sinister enough…

    We definetally need a logo with hands reaching out of a grave or something like that… (maybe like the one Danuta showed at the exec meeting).

  2. I think number six could make a sick shirt and number one for stickers and stuff. We could even work the design of four into the back of the shirt as well and put the sponsors on it. I like the colouring and that of number 2 as well.

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