Final Results from GNCTR 2010

With an amazing race day, a knowledgeable technical exhibit day, and an overall outpouring of engineering spirit, the University of Calgary Night of the Living Sled was able to come away with 2ND PLACE OVERALL at GNCTR 2010.

The team was also awarded:

  • Best Concrete Mix Design
  • Best Concrete Reinforcing Design
  • Best Use of Fly-Ash in Concrete (worth $2000)
  • King of the Hill 2010 (for being the last toboggan standing in a series of 1-on-1 races)
  • 2nd best Braking and Superstructure Design
  • 3rd place in team spirit

The team would like to thank the GNCTR 2010 organizing committee as well as all the other teams from the various universities across Canada that made this year’s GNCTR such a memorable event.

To see a complete listing of the final results, please click HERE


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