Structural/Mechanical Update

Conceptual design for the sled in almost complete. Structural analysis will commence this week along with a detailed weight calculations record to ensure the 300 lb limit is not exceeded.

Conceptual Design:

  • Concrete running surface: 4 skis – two 1300mm long rear skis and two 500mm long front steering skis
  • Superstructure: Carriage shape using welded square aluminum pipe
  • Brakes: Large drop-down shovel at rear of sled along with 4 or 6 small hand applied brakes
  • Steering: Two front skis turned by steering wheel at front of sled
  • Cladding (Some components are for the tech-ex only): Cladding done in cedar panels to look authentic, hand brakes to look like horse legs, painted plywood large carriage wheels, half-wheels (semi-circle) will be used during the races
  • Flooring: Tightly wrapped and secured orange snow fencing

See the following images for more info:


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