November Update 2

Huge shoutout to our sponsorship team for acquiring our aggregation of sponsors! I’d like to introduce Cana Construction as our platinum sponsor, GLJ Petroleum Consultants as a gold level sponsor, Dufferin Construction Company and Stantec for silver level sponsors and Clifton Associates Ltd. as bronze!

Cookie dough sales were fantastic – Christina Scott crushed it by selling 65 tubs!

Logistics has been doing superb, we had two huge craft days where we finished fifty percent of our costumes and are also nearing completion of our tech ex.

Concrete assembled the forms last Saturday and are ready for pouring and construction of the superstructure is underway.

Big progress during these last two weeks for everyone, hopefully these next two will be just as good (if school doesn’t get in the way!). Can’t wait to see our finished costumes and the test run!!




First Team Meeting

Today, we had a great showing to our first team meeting of GNCTR 2013!

One important thing that was determined was that the first team bonding event will be held on October 12, 2012 so mark your calenders! The highlight of the night however, was theme selections. Super sick ideas were thrown on the board today and some very good sells. Tension was high and nerves were racing when the loud rambunctious room drifted slowly into silence during the selection between the top three themes. Alas, the Calgary GNCTR 2013 team will become:

The team then separated into their respective groups to discuss ideas, plans, and timelines.

Super stoked on the year, everyone seems to be on board to burn the ground and break from the crowd.


GNCTR Flask Swag

Another bit of swag news to pass on to you.

The GNCTR management will be providing the team members with some beautiful swag in the form of personalized 6 oz stainless steel flasks, engraved with your nickname and polished to a mighty shine (remember kids!  It’s important to stay properly hydrated while out and about!!).

*Note: Flasks will not have a frog logo.

We’re submitting the order on the 28th of November, so you should email me ( with your desired nickname by midnight on Sunday the 27th.

Additionally, we’re able to provide additional personalized flasks at a cost of $10 each, as they make mighty fine Christmas gifts.  Send me an email with your desired quantity and text for each, and get a payment to me by the 27th (cash or cheques payable to GNCTR Calgary) to be included on the order.


With love,

-GNCTR Management

Pubcrawl News

Well…it’s no secret that Engineers are about beverages and good times… and it’s with that in mind that I mention GNCTR 2012’s latest bonding event, the 2011 Pubcrawl.

Here’s everything that you need to know:

Theme:  “G is for GNCTR”  Dress up as something that begins with the letter ‘G’ (ie: Ghostbuster, Gandalf, Goldmember, Green Giant, etc.)  Get creative with this!
Tickets:  You can pick up tickets from either Tessa or Kayla, but you’ll want to get them as soon as possible.  $12 for GNCTR team members and $15 for non-members.  We’ll be setting aside tickets for GNCTR team members until 11:59pm on Sunday the 20th of November, but after that, they’re open to everyone!
When: Friday November 25th.  Bus pickup is at the front parking lot of Kilkenny’s at 7:30pm.  Feel free to drop by Kilk’s earlier than that for some early drinking.
Where: Ranchmans, the Back Alley & the Amsterdam Rhino in that order.


This’ll be a good one, so don’t miss it!

Logistics Update

Logistics has been up to the challenge this year of making our Sherlock Holmes theme known!

After a few costume making days we have all of our capes sewed, and are working on our hats for our Sherlock Holmes costumes. With some help from some of our sewing superstars we got patterns and meters upon meters of the most fashionable 1800’s fabric to assemble a traditional traveling cloak for the team. Accessories are on the way including pipes, canes and magnifying glasses!

The tech ex is looking great and sturdy as a rock. With walls built to code this exhibit is ready for tech ex day (save for a few runaway sleds). Who knows what hidden secrets the exhibit will hold in Edmonton? Either way it is going to be a great way to show off our stuff!

UofC Theme Choice meeting

Thank you to everyone who came out to the General Information meeting! The turnout was amazing and we’re all looking forward to getting this year of GNCTR underway.

Now it’s time to get those creative juices flowing. Do you want to dress up like Batman? How about a toboggan shaped like a surfboard? Or what about a Technical Exhibit under the sea? Come out September 29th at 5:00 pm in ENF 312 to help the team choose the theme for GNCTR 2011! No idea is too crazy!

If you can’t attend the meeting next week, but still want your theme idea included, send an email with your theme idea to Look forward to seeing you there!