Sled Test Day


This year’s team finally got a test day in at confederation park and it went off without a hitch. We hauled the sled up the hill using good old fashion human power and put the sled through its paces on a make-shift slalom course. Big thanks to everyone who came out to support us!



Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Say bye bye to the Cadillac and hello sustainability  This years team is emphasizing sustainable design and reusing parts from old Calgary team toboggans. Last years pink Cadillac got the saw-treatment and was cut up for reusable members. Everything else was sent off to recycling.


November Update 2

Huge shoutout to our sponsorship team for acquiring our aggregation of sponsors! I’d like to introduce Cana Construction as our platinum sponsor, GLJ Petroleum Consultants as a gold level sponsor, Dufferin Construction Company and Stantec for silver level sponsors and Clifton Associates Ltd. as bronze!

Cookie dough sales were fantastic – Christina Scott crushed it by selling 65 tubs!

Logistics has been doing superb, we had two huge craft days where we finished fifty percent of our costumes and are also nearing completion of our tech ex.

Concrete assembled the forms last Saturday and are ready for pouring and construction of the superstructure is underway.

Big progress during these last two weeks for everyone, hopefully these next two will be just as good (if school doesn’t get in the way!). Can’t wait to see our finished costumes and the test run!!



October/November Update

Hello everyone!

First off the U of C GNCTR team would like to acknowledge and thank to GLJ Petroleum Consultants for their Gold Level Sponsorship to the 2013 team! Without the help from our generous sponsors our team would not be able to compete in this competition. Thank you!


Secondly, an update for late October/early November! My apologies for not keeping this up to date, midterms season hit and it hit hard (I love 16 hour days at the school!).

The overall design of the superstructure has been completed and we are now working on our braking system. The sled is looking sweet and I can’t wait for the test runs.

The concrete is still pouring and investigating some solid (no pun intended) mixes to maximize sustainability.

We are making serious headway in costumes having finished a couple pieces of the costumes for the entire team! Shoutout to Brenden and Mark for looking into the nitty gritty for the tech ex display!

Over the weekend we had our second bottle drive – not as amazing as we had hoped, the majority of the residents in the area don’t keep their bottles but we still did pretty well. We managed to raise $3200 from the first one, and yours truly guessed it right on the money (ha!).

Have a good long weekend everyone – Lest we forget.

Looking forward to seeing how much cookie dough we sell!


October Update

Hello all!

My apologies for the delay in the update but it has been busy as preparations for everything is under-way.

The team did a fantastic job at the bottle drive! Fliers were delivered to over 1400 homes and there was a large participation at the bottle drive itself! We ended up raising over $3000 through the kind donations of residents of a nearby community.

Here are some pictures from the day:

Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!
Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!
Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!
Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!Bottle Drive!

Bottle Drive, a set by GNCTR Calgary on Flickr.

Some updates from each team:


  • Tech Ex is still in the planning stage
  • Costumes have been determined and various materials are being researched
  • Swag ideas have been finalized (be stoked!)


  • Design for the sled has been chosen
  • General shape and geometry is planned based on the design of the sled
  • Braking and steering mechanisms are being researched


  • Lots of test pours and strength testing for mix design have been performed, more on the way!

Looking forward to team bonding being held on October 19th. Remember that the Spirit Pageant will be held that night so best of luck for those fortunate fellows!

Cookie Dough sales are going to be starting soon so keep your eye out for those.



First Team Meeting

Today, we had a great showing to our first team meeting of GNCTR 2013!

One important thing that was determined was that the first team bonding event will be held on October 12, 2012 so mark your calenders! The highlight of the night however, was theme selections. Super sick ideas were thrown on the board today and some very good sells. Tension was high and nerves were racing when the loud rambunctious room drifted slowly into silence during the selection between the top three themes. Alas, the Calgary GNCTR 2013 team will become:

The team then separated into their respective groups to discuss ideas, plans, and timelines.

Super stoked on the year, everyone seems to be on board to burn the ground and break from the crowd.


September Update

Greetings all!

The barbecue last week was successful in getting the word out and bringing attention to the team! Pat rocked the grill while Fadi and Pepsi not only looked good but captivated interest from a variety of students ranging from first to fourth year.

Huge attendance at the information session as well! There were over 50 people all looking to take part in GNCTR 2013 – word got out that we’re awesome which isn’t a surprise so hopefully this year we will be one solid and hungry team with huge ambitions!

Defs looking forward to a great season.